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    PalMD,thanks. I think you’re precisely right about this.I don’t understand why some atheists feel it is necessary that they are able to burn sacred texts to demonstrate their freedom. The analogy to the Westboro Baptists is pretty apt. In fact you are free to do so, but you’re going to incur a great deal of censure that may make it seem prohibitive.Basically, to burn something that means an awful lot to a group of people, you’re going to have to be a REAL asshole. If it remains imperative to you, it’s going to piss people off and you probably deserve it.

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    It's funny how I never missed Shanghai cooking in NYC but I miss it in HK. I miss Shanghai home cooking the most. The food at the wet markets are very fresh and lots of varieties. In HK the selection is not quite as large nor as fresh which makes sense as HK imports most of the food. It comes as a surprise to me that I miss Shanghai since the Shanghai of today is so different from my childhood days. Not many people speak Shanghainese anymore.

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    Não tenho certeza, mas já li em algum lugar confiável que essa senhora já recebeu indenização de pelo menos um Estado (Minas?) como "anistiada" e "presa política". (Na verdade, ela nunca foi presa de consciência, como o Zapata ou o Fariñas em Cuba, mas de crime comum, sob alegação de motivação política.)

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    Hey you bikers,tonight I read all the way through your biking adventures! Wow! We just traveled (by van) the route you’re biking, and what a different experience! Missed you in Gunnison by one day (were there for a Wiens wedding on the 9th). We gave the bikers lots of room; also loved watching rafting on the river. Take care, /rwr

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    The game is fixed by laws that have been enacted to protect people from becoming the victims of Galileo kinds of decisions being made by judges who don’t know which “experts’ to believe. In the past Galileo type decisions have been disasterous for victims caught in these types of court cases.

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    The BNP grows because there is a vacuum in British politics, as all the established parties, including the so-called Conservatives, have abandoned the natives. They will continue to grow as long as there is no viable alternative. It’s as simple as that. And you don’t have to be a BNP supporter at all to be appalled by this Zimbabwe-style behavior. The Mugabization of Britain and the West continues apace.

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    لا أعلم وربما يكون الشعور ذاتي مُتخيَّل لدي فقط، لكن لو كانت التدوينة تاريخية تأصيلية متجردة لكان ذلك أفضل. بعض العبارات الواردة في النص… أشتم منها رائحة عنصرية. مقدر لجهودك الخارقة في المدونة يا محمود، لكني فعلاً لا أرى لهكذا تدوينة آثاراً إيجابية في الأفق.شكرا لك على أية حال

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    Kommentarer om BLOMKÅL?! Varför då?Och vad spelar ett glas vin eller två eller tre mitt i veckan för roll? Jag sippar ofta på en glas iskallt vitt eller mustigt rött- även en måndag eller tisdag. Det förgyller vardagen- härligt!Och JA det finns folk som har alkoholproblem- detta är naturligtvis hemskt jobbigt för alla inblandade men bara för det tycker jag inte man ha åsikter om att en bloggerska romantiserar alkohol- TRAMS!Tack för en härlig blogg!

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    Hi Donalyn,I’m still able to concentrate and work better with music in the background. Though it can’t be too loud, hehe:) This such a scrumptious looking recipe, plus super healthy too. Thanks for sharing:)

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    so…commenting much too late to protect my little white squirrel’s feelings from being terribly dashed! seems perhaps a tewlve step program to embrace the white squirrels might be in order for the lot of you! really, they’re quite surreal in large groups…definitely an Alice in Wonderland vibe kind of thing!they scurry away, not meancing at all…

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    you were Swiss above all else and who was i a gay american to say different ..thats the jest of it anyway ..First you cannot offend me by calling me gay or by calling being and American gay .thats childish and i am beyond responding childishly .Second if you are European you are very ignorant of the majority opinion of Obama..And you are ignorant of the own workings of the Swiss health care system . Unwissend

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    I am the advocate appeared in the Manjal case. I have read the comments of Mr.Anonymous. Dear Mr.Anonymous if you are so certain of the underhand dealings please come open. Mind that you are spoiling a system.Marico and its anonymous agents may not like the order. But the society as a whole feel that they have won by redeeming a public right.Please note that now my client is not even in a position to pay a second class railway ticket to Chennai. I too cannot afford the luxury of corrupting the officials. Please spare us. You are commiting a sin.John Mathew Advocate

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    Granny…. Travis is where Austin, Tx, the capital is…. and a couple of surrounding little towns. Its in the middle of the state and is one of the few areas that is actually quite progressive. I imagine there will be an outcry against this there. This is not the kind of thing that the folks that live there will accept the word of the cop.

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    Talk about the girls being outnumbered! At least they’re much taller than a lot of the boys. Wait till next year when these boys begin sprouting. I can’t remember attending a high school homecoming. Maybe we didn’t have one! It would really be interesting to see what type of success will these young people have in their chosen profession.

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    It’s nice, but I don’t think it’s flagship material.More guest starship of the week type material.I echo comments that it looks more alien than Starfleet.I also agree with your “break from the norm” idea a la Defiant, but the Enterprise is the flagship and as such must exude “Starfleet”.

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    Friggin idiots? Gee, i love how you actually consider both sides of the story when rendering judgement. Take a look at TSA.gov, and you’ll see under MythBusters who’s the idiot. it shows her DUMPING it in the middle of the floor. Then, she goes and LIES to every media outlet about her overdramatic ordeal. oh, please, if she was in secret service, she’d known by now the rules of flying. period.

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    je pense que les lecteurs de ce blog remportent collectivement la médaille d’or des coupeurs de cheveux en quatrez’êtes tous ingénieurs ?parce que moi j’aurais même pas eu l’idée de faire ce genre de calcul à la noix, même si j’avais eu que ça à fairec’est l’afghanistan qui est content : un athlète une médaille (en lutte ! finale ?)

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    I agree with Kirk. NIU got into the BCS bowl mix fair and square, but that just shows how the BCS rules have ruined the bowl games. The SEC has six teams in the top ten and only two can go to BCS bowls, but a team that should never have been ranked goes to the Orange Bowl? Look at NIU’s schedule — there are probably about two dozen AQ teams that would be undefeated playing NIU’s opponents.

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    Whether or not Patent Attorneys specifically fall within the definition of 'lawyer' is irrelevant. The website refers to 'legal professions' and there can be no doubt that Patent Attorneys fall within this definition.Since notaries are separated out from lawyers, you would think that Patent Attorneys would be too, but maybe we are not considered to be a large enough group for such representation.

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    disse:eu comprei um sansung galax y duol e pelo menos até agora to gostando..não sei mais tarde né??o que eu não gostei é que não fica os dois chips na tela do aparelho (o icone)vc tem que ir em configurações e inativar um p poder usar o outro…sndo que os outros aparelhos vc liga e aparece sim1 e sim2 e vc escolhe qual sim vc quer…derrepente eu não to conseguindo configurar os dois…

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    I discovered nicole in january of 2012. Travellung constantly, different hotels, never sleeping and becoming terribly stressed. I can honestly say her remedies work and are totally amazing. I have animals which use them and our many problems with them are totally over. Wish i knew her 20 years ago when i began having kids, however she helps the kids now they are older.

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    Francisco AMX disse:O próprio SU-30 MKI Indiano deve ser mais capaz que qualquer Gripen um dia será, é a realidade, o negócio é Rafale! este sim terá chance contra um SU-35 Venezuelano…Acreditem amigos! um SU-27 modernizado a um padrão atual já supera a maioria dos modernos vetores em serviço hoje.. imagine uma versão atual deste vetor…RAFALE! este é o caminho, o resto é tapa-sol-com-penera!

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    i raz jeszcze ale tym razem inny ciekawy wÄ…tek z Andy Xie. Miedź, gromadzenie surówca jako lokaty kapitaÅ‚u w nadziei na wzrost ceny. Toż to nic innego niz baÅ„ka spekulacyjna co zawisa nad rynkiem. A.Xie pisze: „…people are hoarding flats just as people hoard copper for price appreciation.” Pisze jak o rzeczy oczywistej o tym, że miedź jest gromadzona przez spekulantów, co tam na nikim nie robi wrażenia.

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    Hei hei:)Åh så heldig du er, Bali er et av mine drømmereisemål:):) Ser helt fantastisk :)Morsomt å se kommentar fra Stine over her! Ble kjent med henne på føden ifjor, hun fikk jo baby dagen etter meg:) Kjempekoselig jente og har funnet henne igjen her i blogglandia:) Verden er jammen ikke stor..Ønsker deg en super helg:)Klem Lise

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    You might have a student lounge associated with your nursing school. In my area its common for most schools to offer a small room with a fridge and microwave for nursing students. I wasn’t a nursing student but was allowed to use it with permission (similar medical field with clinical assignments that kept me busy). You guys put in long hours and can’t always leave bc of the financial issues or just need the time to prep for class. I would ask a teacher or classmate about it on the first day.

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    Niin voitteko kertoa miten tämä liittyy tehotuotantoon muuten kuin rehun osalta?Salmonellahan ei ole terveelle ihmiselle vaarallinen ja se hoidetaan antibiooteilla (onko se sitten hyvä että käyttää antibiotteja on toinen juttu) ja salmonella kuolee kun sitä kuumentaa. En siis ymmärrä tätä vouhkausta asiasta. Ja ei, en väitä että tämä epidemia on yhdentekevä tai että salmonella tervetuloa tai että tehotuotanto rocks (koska it sucks). Minusta tämä vaan on saanut suhteettomat mittasuhteet tämä asia. Ehkä en tiedä jotain oleellista tai en ymmärrä sitä.

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    Anónimo (15:23):1. É a sua legítima opinião… nada mais.2. A versão da agressão da polícia… é hilariante. Se eu fosse polícia e um atrasado mental me entrasse na esquadra a insultar, a cuspir e a MORDER um camarada meu, garanto-lhe que não se safava só com uma feridinha na cara!3. Pois não… sobretudo porque não há cartilha para seguir… :-)))

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    Nikolai Hoftun SÃ¥nn er det. Hvis man prøver Ã¥ gÃ¥ imot det motsatte, vil man bare finne ut at det “ligger i genene”. Noe er forutbestemt. SÃ¥nn er det.Hvorfor? MÃ¥ man vite sÃ¥ er det faktisk noen som lurer.Synes at gutter bør være gutter og jenter, jenter, til de vil noe annet, da bestemmer de. Og finner de senere ut at det er feil er det greit ogsÃ¥. La folk fÃ¥ være liberale og bestemme selv!

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    Yes, I was being sarcastic. The problem with coaches like Nelson is that they go too far with that style of play – past the Showtime level and into the Land of No Defense or Half Court Offense. I wonder how D’Antoni would have done in Phoenix if the ownership had been willing to spend a little more. They were not bad defensively – I think it would have been good for the game if they had won a title.

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    Ah! The joys of parenthood! Hours of enjoyment — or, torture. Depending on your outlook. An update from my psycho life? Hmm! Laughing hysterically in a mall parking lot with my family over a blog possibility and getting those ‘they’re insane’ looks from passing shoppers.Loved your blog. If I start to become wistful about my daughters now being grown, I’ll pull your posts out and just smile.

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    Michael H pointed out, we can only hope that GSW withdraws his qualifying offer after overpaying for Landry or Kirilenko.As far-fetched as that sounds, keep in mind that this has been a *crazy* summer – 1. OJ Mayo signs for 4M a year2. Jerryd Bayless signs for 3M a year3. Courtney Lee gets signed/traded to Celtics for a second round pick and trash.4. Jameer Nelson gets 8M a year from Orlando5. Brook Lopez gets the max

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    It does strike one as passing strange that someone who invokes the name "Hitler" eleven times (by my count) in the course of two different posts to describe the supposed philosophy of an opponent, would have the unmitigated cheek to claim that they were not wading hip-deep in the Godwin's law hot tub. I guess it all depends on what the meaning of "is" – errr, "Hitler" is…

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    ne parle pas de vie rose bonbon ! personne a eu cette vie, moi inclus ! Je dis simplement que si ce que tu as vécu empoisonne chacune de tes relations……il faudrait p-e y remédier !!Il y as pas si longtemps, j’ai décidé d’arrêter tout ! De prendre le temps de regarder MA vie, de me regarder ds le miroir et de me demander où je désirais aller ds l’avenir, quelle sorte de filles je voulais attirer à partir de maintenant……etc « régler » certaines choses……

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    First of all, Google, you have failed all the YouTube users.You have removed the commenting ability for people who posts videos that are lousy, biased and uneducated videos.YouTube was the ultimate for online liberals. You bought a perfectly utility of freedom, changed it into a totally fascist object. People are now free to spread biased, unsubstantiated view points without having a need to answer to criticisms, many of which are very intellectual.As long as you do not bring back the ability to comment and rate all videos, you failed.

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    Oh,12.10.2010 — der erste Kommunist mei­nes Bloggerlebens! Den Tag muss ich mir rot anstreichen.Und #die-unvernunft-des-einzelunternehmers gefällt mir, nehm ich.Was mich aber schon Wunder nimmt: nach dei­ner Theorie dürfte man dann den Staat auch kei­nes­wegs kri­ti­sie­ren — der sind ja auch “wir”, oder? Und wenn mir die Bahn “gehört”, warum muss ich dann als Firmeneigentümer eigent­lich Fahrkarten kau­fen? Fragen über Fragen, die wohl nur die Planwirtschaft beant­wor­ten könnte…

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    I’m really happy that you’re doing this. It’s another reason to be inspired and to be motivated to do the things that you love and make things happen in your life. I want to be free to do photography, and not be judges by other people who think that the corporate life is the only way to be successful. I want to have the freedom to travel, meet strangers, explore the world, learn about different cultures. I want to be free to make the most out this wonderful life.Looking forward to reading your posts!

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    I think you’d have to prove that he could have had any idea that her business was in that building and in that specific part of the building. This being New York, there’s a pretty large area (even in the 1980s) of the city that her business could be in.

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      August 22, 2012Oh Trisha,I am so very sorry that your N mother treated you that way! you didn’t deserve it and it wasn’t your fault! i wish these peo­ple would be held account­able for their crimes!thank you so much for all your kind­ness i am really touched and hum­bled!Way to go with start­ing a blog!! I hope you really enjoy it! I know I will be hit­ting the fol­low but­ton!! xo

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    I am sooooo lucky to be feasting at candi and joels tonight for thanksgiving. Move over martha stuart and rachel ray. Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T ________________________________ From: Cooking with Candi Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2012 12:38:42 +0000 To: ReplyTo: Cooking with Candi Subject: [New post] Thanksgiving 2012 cookingwithcandi posted: “It’s finally here, and I am up at 7 making my final list for the day. I hope you’re all enjoying the day ahead and cooking up something great. Please share with me how your holiday cooking goes. I would love to hear about it, there is a place on here for “

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    That’s an alternative. And I know you will put money away for your own private retirement fund; however, many individuals will not, and we will end up paying for their entire care in old age.Regarding benefit payments for the rich, if we raise the highest marginal tax rate to where it was before 1980, as we should, then we will be taxing and getting back much of those social security benefits anyway on the rich; and we can make the benefit payments decrease significantly for their higher income levels. The rich have had a tax holiday for decades. It’s payback time.

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    Republicans do what they do on immigration for campaign contributions from cheap labor interest. They try to cover this up by misleading their potential supporters into believing that they are doing it for the Hispanic vote.

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    A Video? No one believes that, but they continue the spin.(Lie) The rest of the world sees this and anticipating the fall of America. We have poor foreign policy and it shows big time.

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    since the Paulnut explanation for terrorism seems to be gaining steam within, I think of the most effective responses to his "We make them do it" and "We are just creating more Terrorist, withdraw now!" idiocy is that its the Koran and Muhammed and 1300 yrs of Jihad History that Recruits for Jihad. Its what their Koran(Sura 9.5 and Surah 9.29 as example) tell them to do.

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    American labor since before the Revolution has always been ( able ) to be higher. Do to demand, do to quick capital/investment payoffs, high return. Not all the time, everywhere, but in general. Now the US is a slow pay, low return in anything the government has its hands in. Those industries that are government free, software, computers, high tech, pay above world labor costs and innovate faster, pay off better

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    I have been on Medicare and on my schools insurance policy for over 12 years. My partner has Oxfordmedicare which has a series of copays that are expensive based on the medical discipline. How can we figure out what would be the best insurance structure, Medicare and a secondary insurance to pick up the 20%? I don’t have this problem as my private progressive school has kept on the insurance plan since I retired in 1989. Is there anything written doing comparisons on these plans? It would be helpful if we can have something on these insurance policies. Thanks

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    General appreciation for this post and the comments, and specific appreciation for your reply to Leonie. Kudos for the reminder that individual citizens possess a tremendous amount of (potential, not always kinetic) power. Whether and how we wield it is up to us.

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